About Lezbelib

Lezbelib is a free online magazine mainly for lesbians, bisexual women, for those who describe themselves as gender/queer and for all those who identify by other words and who are part of the LGBTQ community.

As far back as its official launch in 2010, Lezbelib became the new spot for women of our community rising among the world’s most popular LGBTQ magazines.

Lezbelib is a daily newspaper which deal with both serious and also entertainment subjects offering a true follow-up of the advances and cases on national and local levels and also a follow-up of movies, series, bands,…

Lezbelib is the only magazine which keep you updated on what happens in the world for our community.

Through the magazine, we meet celebrities, artists or people very little or not known at all. We give visibility, we support projects, promote events, actions, companies.

Lezbelib also hopes to offer an exchanges and meetings space, a space where you will feel safe and free to be you thanks to a community part which is currently in finalization.

You can already be part of it while following this link: Lezbelib’s Community

What is the Lezbelib’s community?

I’ve got a profile and I can choose who can see it (everyone, girls on Lezbelib or just people I choose)
I can share my news, my feelings or say “Hi!” on my wall
I can add friends, I can send messages, I can talk and meet new people
I can create my photo albums, share videos and music
I can create my own group and do what I want
I can write my blog
I can take part in discussions on the forum

it’s 100% LGBT women!

Lezbelib is one of these constantly evolving and unbounded magazines. A 2.0 version is besides currently being prepared and should be launched during the course of the next year bringing more quality, diversity and launching completely insane projects.

So welcome on Lezbelib.com, Culture, Entertainment, News, Life & Love, The new SPOT for Lesbians, Bi’ ladies and Queer!!!

We launched Lezbelib.com in October 2010. This website is definitively a D.I.Y and a pro-indie project runned by a team of volunteers full of passion : passion to write, to share a vision, a life, to build a resource site, to do something for the LGBTQ community or desire to develop a safe place on internet where ladies of our community could be free to be who they are.

Lezbelib is a lesbian magazine bringing a variety of content that effect our lives from culture, entertainment to LGBTQ issues, food, fitness training and news from all over the world.

Lezbelib is also a community who seeks to create memorable experiences by chatting, making some new friends, sharing women stories, interests and passions.


Each day, we give you fresh LGBT news with an international cover. Discover music that showcases, women artists, celebrities as well as authors reading The Lez Review ; Find answers to your questions about relationship, intimacy, … with the Dear Sappho column ; Explore your gender from every angle ; Follow webseries ; Talk about the episodes of famous Tv-shows that we recap.


Lezbelib is proud to be the only international magazine and community for LGBTQ ladies.


Ready to build a lesbian community? Visit our home page for the latest articles, news. Register and become a Lezbelib’s member and meet girls, share your stories, discuss about everything you like.


Or you can also start by taking a look on who we are : Our Team


And who knows, you could also be part of Lezbelib as we always looking for new talented and passionnated girls.