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"Femmes: A Tragedy": A Play About Queer Women Identity

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Until December 13, 2015, the play directed by Gina Young is played at the Nimbus Theater in Minneapolis.

The original version, written in 1936 by Clare Boothe Luce and entitled "The Women", was reimagined by writer, director and performer Gina Young as a comedy about femme lesbian/queer women identity entitled "Femmes: A Tragedy".

"It was hilarious. We don’t do comedy very often. It focuses on the relationships among women, regardless of their gender identification or their sexuality. This is something that anyone can identify with. I am really attracted to plays where I feel like I am spying on people," says Claire Avitabile, who directed the play.

The story: "When the curator of a burlesque show's polyamorous girlfriend drops her overnight for a hot bartender, her friends: an activist, an academic and a party promoter are thrown into girl/girl competition despite their best feminist intentions, and are ultimately forced to parse the ways butch/femme relationships do or don't replicate heterosexual stereotypes."

Tickets are available from $5 to $25 on For more information, see the Facebook page of the piece:

Disappointed not to go? Watch the play performed in 2013 below:



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