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Photographer Wendi Kali Released "The Butch/Femme Photo Project"

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the butch femme photo project



After a five-year travel across the United States and more than a hundred pictures of butches and femmes, photographer Wendi Kaliphotographer Wendi Kali brought together this series of photos in a book entitled «The Butch/Femme Photo Project».

Dana Autumn

Identifying as butch, Kali has done much research to know a little history of butches and the community in general.

Passionate by identities and diversity, she quickly realized they were not pictures representing butches and femmes from 2000. She has therefore launched «The Butch/ Femme Photo Project» and, a camera in one hand, she went through the United States to meet and photograph these butches and femmes of today.

She participates as well, in her way, to testify about the history of our community through the years.

The photo book is available on AmazonAmazon and also on Barnes and NobleBarnes and Noble.

Kali has also created a website for the project:

Photo credit: Wendi Kali



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