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Friday, 10 December 2010 18:09

TIM CANTOR: PIECES UNIQUE: The Selfless Ballerina

Written by  HeidiMichelle

The_Selfless_BallerinaI remember how I was, before we met that day

Wandering, staggering, stressed out in every way

Obligations of my age, were biting at my sight

Wistful ways of thought, were lost within that fight

So she tied a rope to me

And she held in her hand

Dream on

She said

Dream on

I will be here when you land

She shouldered all my doubt, she adopted all my needs

She carved my wishful route, right through those blinding weeds

She took away my fears, and embraced them as her own



Feel safe

She said

Feel free

You will never be alone

If that rope should ever fail, my eyes would shut and rust

I’d tumble from the clouds, and die and fade to dust

I love her more than life, she is everything to me

Thank you



Thank you

For all the things I see


Tim Cantor 2010- oil on paper


It was evident to me that Tim Cantor is a man deeply in love. This piece is a tribute to his endearing relationship with his wife, which is as much his passion as his desire to create.  His newest collection of oil paintings, drawings, writings and conceptual works of art are intriguing to say the least. His visions are passionate, fearful, self-critical, and curious all fueled by his obsession to produce his visions. The details in his pieces are beyond comprehension created on heavy Arches paper, a fine imported paper that has been milled in Lorraine, France since 1492. What is truly amazing to me is that Tim Cantor has relied only his art to carry him and his wife Amy through their lives together. This devout devotion leaves his work with an honest vulnerability that makes Tim Cantor that much more appealing.

Tim Cantor was born north of San Francisco in the summer of 1969.  In 1975, Tim Cantor’s father recognized his son's uncommon knowledge with drawing and went into his attic in search of a box of oil paints and brushes that once belonged to Tim's great grandfather.  Tim immediately began painting with the same supplies that his British ancestor had made a way of life with as an artist as he traveled throughout Asia, Europe, and America nearly a century earlier.  Tim’s comprehension with oils was instantly visible, and his obsession began.  His first oil painting came at age five.  By age fifteen, Tim Cantor was given his first gallery exhibition where one of his paintings was acquired to hang in the White House, thereby instigating an immediate demand for his unusual talent.  Throughout the following years, his paintings would travel the world with exclusive exhibitions in Athens, Tokyo, Singapore, Paris, Venice, New York, Beverly Hills and San Francisco.  Today, the diverse enthusiasts and collectors of his art comprise of people from all parts of the world.  One could say that this mysterious artist possesses a rare combination of extraordinary talent and unpredictability to set his name in the artistic history books of tomorrow.  Yet for now, Tim Cantor keeps far from the madding crowd, shrouded in his studio, painting every night from midnight until morning.  (www.timcantor.com)

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