Women Transformed Into Man To Fight Against Sexism
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Women Transformed Into Man To Fight Against Sexism


anne hidalgo



In Marie-Claire (France), some women were transformed into man for a photo session with photographer Christian Kettiger to fight against sexism.

Marie-Claire decided to fight against sexism this month proposing to eight female celebrities to be transformed into man with the following question: "If I were a man, would they have been treated me like this?"

The eight women are writers, journalists, politicians, directors of important companies, chiefs or navigators.

Each one also added strong messages as "the ordinary machismo exists. Some have difficulty to understand that diversity is a wealth" wrote Anne Lauvergeon or "Power men love women in the effort, not in the success" wrote Rachida Dati.

rachida dati

florence arthaud

anne hidalgo


anne lauvergeon


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