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Friday, 06 November 2015 22:39

A Petition To Legalize Marriage Equality Was Filed At Israeli High Court

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"Aguda", an Israeli group for LGBT rights, has filed a petition to the Israeli High Court to try to legalize equal marriage.

Inspired by what happened in the US, Hen Arieli and Imri Kalman, activists within Aguda, decided to use the same method to get the marriage law.

There has been political attempts to approve marriage equality but all failed, canceled by the government. At present, Israel allows neither marriage nor civil unions for same-sex couples, for cons, the country recognizes marriages performed abroad.

The factor of religion is also very important. Indeed, the rabbis cannot celebrate same-sex marriage because the Jewish law does not approve homosexuality. The group then tries to ensure that the High Court allowed the secular courts to marry same-sex couples.

The High Court has already made a positive first step in accepting the petition. We will see shortly what will be its decision.

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