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Wednesday, 09 March 2016 00:49

Are We Going, For The Umpteenth Time, To Another Delay Of Marriage Equality In Australia?

Written by 

Malcolm Turnbull



The atmosphere is not cool in Australia within the LGBT community because we just learned that the government, including Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, refused to clearly set a date for the plebiscite and for the vote on equal marriage, which suggests that it does not wish to rule and could favor a delay.

Indeed, it is uncertain a vote to legalize equal marriage to be organized this year. Things are very vague in Australia.

Last week I wrote about the agenda set by the Australian government: first elections, and then a plebiscite, and finally a vote.

Except that on one side, governement's Attorney General George Brandis  said that the plebiscite would be held "before the end of the year". He did not specify a date for the vote.

The problem then is that a Prime Minister's spokesperson said that first, there was  no precise date for the holding of the plebiscite.

He said the agenda of Mr. Prime Minister did not  immediately allow the holding of the plebiscite. Equality of all his citizens really matters to him!

"If the governement allowed a free vote in parliament we could have marriage equality next week rather than delaying until the end of the year by putting the issue to an expensive and unnecessary plebiscite.

"But if there is to be a plebiscite the result should automatically change the law and not return to parliament for further debate and delays," Rodney Croome of the Australian Marriage Equality said.

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