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Thursday, 10 March 2016 00:51

Indonesia Is Preparing An Anti LGBT "Propaganda" Law

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Very bad news reached us from Indonesia where the government planned to vote, for more national security, an anti LGBT "propaganda" law similar as the one in Russia.

Indeed, for the Indonesian government, issues relating to the LGBT community are national security issues, but not in a positive way, which already gives you an idea of ​​the mentality of the government.

Thus the Minister of Information and Communication is working on a bill to prohibit absolutely any LGBT "propaganda" in Indonesia. This request came from the House of Representatives Commission, whose president Mahfudz Siddiq told the Jakarta Post: "LGBT issues can damage national security, identity, culture and the faith of Indonesians."

Since last year the authorities are already trying to set up a device to censor internet sites  and social networks like Facebook and Tumblr, blocking access to LGBT content, or apps like WhatsApp and its LGBT emojis.

It is also prohibited to "men" to dress or behave like a woman. One can imagine the ordeal it must be for  trans* women who are not free to live their true identity.

Also, we had already seen that in the province of Aceh, where Sharia law is followed, homosexuality is considered as a crime punishable by caning. Just remember that this law is valid for locals but also for foreign visitors so if you go a bit sightseeing in the area, be careful.

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