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The Australian State Of Victoria To Allow The Adoption By Same-Sex Couples

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More good news from Australia, where same-sex couples will be able to adopt in the state of Victoria. Still nothing new on the federal level, but it moves in the states!

We saw the other day that the civil unions law was re-opened to same-sex couples in Queensland to allow recognition of same-sex unions until an equal marriage law. So, in Victoria, adoption will be now possible too.

In November, the Victorian upper House approved the Adoption Amendment Act, which opens the adoption law to LGBT people, but the bill was amended to give religious exemptions.

A few days ago, the lower house of Victoria also adopted the bill without opposition.

Victoria's equality minister Martin Foley had strongly opposed the addition of religious exemptions, calling them "rubbish" and "lesser forms of discrimination", but the government said it won't accept this law if religious exemptions were not added.

This law is an important step in the recognition of LGBT families and their children. I hope that these exemptions will not pose too many problems though.

Now, the bill awaits royal assent before going into effect. 

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