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Two Indonesian women Regarded As Lesbians Were Sentenced To "Rehabilitation"

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A couple of women arrested «for being a lesbian couple», will undergo a «rehabilitation» in Indonesia.

The couple has indeed been arrested by police in the province of Aceh, in the north of Sumatra island, having been spotted hugging.

The arrest of the couple aged 18 and 19 caused great concern because we do not know yet what does the term «rehabilitation» means.

Indonesia does not regard homosexuality as a crime, but the province of Aceh follows the sharia law and, according to MetroMetro, since September 2014, a law clearly condemns lesbianism to 100 cane lashes, a fine of 1,000 grams of fine gold, or almost eight and a half years in prison

Although Sharia police chief Evendi Latief said the two women were not accused of criminal offense, it is still right to be concerned for them.

«The arrest of two women in Aceh for everyday behaviour is an outrageous abuse of police power that should be considered a threat to all Indonesians,» Graeme Reid, the LGBT rights programme director at Human Rights Watch, said.

«The Indonesian government needs to press Aceh to repeal its discriminatory new by-laws.»



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