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Butch Style Comes To Los Angeles!



PRESTIGE: "Knights In Shining Armor," is bringing a first-ever evening of butch and masculine of center fashion to Los Angeles.

Eleven designers from California and New York will present their creations on the runway with 30 models at the House of Gods on Sept. 28.

LGBT Jewelry Brand Rony Tennenbaum Finds Home At Ben Bridge Jeweler

ben bridge rony tennenbaum
Ben Bridge Jeweler, one of the biggest independently owned jewelry chains in the country, is now marketing to the LGBT community by stocking a jewelry collection whose very reason for being is to celebrate same-sex marriages.

It Suits Her, Mary Going Of Saint Harridan

mary going

Necessity is the mother of invention, and Mary Going needed something to wear.

"It started with my wedding, but extended into every aspect of my life," says Going, the 46-year-old founder of Saint Harridan, a retailer specializing in classic men's-styled suits reconstructed to fit women and trans men. "Professional settings, my kids' holiday concerts, funerals - every event that required dressing up in something more than khakis and a t-shirt was painful."
Solving that problem turned out to be bigger than just getting to a store. Going describes her average trip to the men's department as nothing less than humiliating. "Once the sales rep figures out I'm not shopping for my husband, the customer service tanks. And there's no point in enduring that, because in the end, nothing ever fits."

The Advertising Standars Authority Rejected Complaints Against Harvey Nichols 'Lesbian' Love Thyself Beauty Campaign

love thyself 3



The 2012 'Love Thyself' beauty campaign of Harvey Nichols, which is not supposed to show a possible lesbian kiss according to Nichols even if it's hard to think the opposite, was launched to promote the store's new Liverpool beauty hall. After a few days, people started to complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Casey Legler Is The Only Woman Modeling As A Male

casey legler





The fashion's world is always surprising. The gender is interwoven.


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