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Casey Legler Is The Only Woman Modeling As A Male

casey legler





The fashion's world is always surprising. The gender is interwoven.


Lesbians Dogs Are Also Fashion




It is the funny touch of the week. Amber Heard was in New York for the premiere of Jules Massenet‘s Manon. The occasion for us to met her rock 'n roll dog.




Lesbian Time


When people think of cloning they worry about all the horrible things that might happen. Nobody wants to eat meat from cloned animals and we certainly don't want to think about cloning humans.

Unless...instead of all the Lesbian clones showing up with the same hairstyles and the same type of blazers with rolled up sleeves they've been wearing since the 80's, the clones were smoking hot replicas of the hottest women you've ever seen. Then everyone would be ok with cloning.




Getting a Brazilian is not just about looking good in a bikini this summer. It's also a good way to help save money during the recession.

With a Brazilian you'll need less toilet paper every time you go to the bathroom, which means you can not only buy less toilet paper overall, but you can also buy the single-ply as well.

Just think about how many napkins a man with a mustache needs every time he eats...same concept.


Exploring Gender: Standards of Beauty


There are different standards of beauty for men and women. When I talk about standards of beauty, I’m talking about the standards of how we take care of ourselves. Women are expected to be well groomed. They are expected to shave, exfoliate, bleach or remove any facial hair, have their hair brushed and highlighted, never have white or grey hair, have pressed clothes, put on makeup, and wear high heels. Women are expected to do these things in order for society to consider them normal and to be seen as attractive. Most women feel the need even to take a shower and put on nicer clothes to go to the grocery store.

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