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Lambda Literary Partners With New Millennium Writings For "Love Wins" Essay Competition Based On SCOTUS Ruling

Written by  Lambda Literary

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To celebrate the recent SCOTUS ruling on marriage equality, New Millennium Writings (NMW), an award-winning literary journal founded in 1996, is hosting a special «Love Wins» essay competition. NMW will call for essays asking people what the recent SCOTUS decision means to them and their community. The winner will receive $1,000 and publication in the NMW anthology and on their website. The contest will run from July 8th to August 31st.

Over the past 20 years, New Millennium Writings has published more than 1,500 new and emerging writers and awarded over $200,000. In this competition, NMW will partner with two nonprofit organizations, Lambda Literary and Free2Luv®. NMW will donate $1,000 to each organization to further their missions of supporting and empowering the LGBTQ community. Free2Luv is an award-winning nonprofit dedicated to rockin' individuality, celebrating equality, spreading kindness and standing up to bullying through arts and entertainment. Lambda Literary believes Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer literature is fundamental to the preservation of our culture, and that LGBTQ lives are affirmed when their stories are written, published and read.

«On the heels of Marriage Equality becoming the law of the land and one of the most historic advances in LGBTQ civil rights of our time, we're thrilled to partner with New Millennium Writings on this essay contest asking our community what the SCOTUS ruling means to us,» said Tony Valenzuela, Executive Director of Lambda Literary.


«We are excited to team up with New Millennium Writings to offer an essay competition that celebrates all love. In light of the recent landmark SCOTUS decision, we are thrilled to read everyone's interpretation of being Free2Luv. We are passionate about creating an environment where all youth can express themselves freely and authentically,» says Free2Luv Co-Founder and President, Tonya Sandis.

The Love Wins essay award winner will be chosen by Guest Judge and Free2Luv Celebrity Ambassador Thea Gill, actress, singer, and LGBTQ activist, best known for her starring role as Lindsay Peterson in the Showtime television series «Queer as Folk». Ms. Gill will choose the top winner from selected finalists, and the award will be announced on October 11th, National Coming Out Day.

«Special contests like this are a rarity for NMW,» says Alexis Williams Carr, Editor and Publisher of New Millennium Writings. «We ran one on the eve of the millennium and another in 2008 to celebrate America's first black president - two other momentous events that impacted our nation and the entire world. We're thrilled to add the Love Wins essay competition to that list and to partner with Free2Luv and Lambda Literary.»

Founding Editor Don Williams added, «Events like this truly embody what we have long hoped the New Millennium will bring - a breaking down of barriers, an embrace of tolerance, and an acknowledgement of unity on the planet. This competition is an opportunity for people to share their opinions, reactions and personal stories.»

Entries into the Love Wins essay competition must be 4,500 words or less. Entries may be submitted at or mailed to the address listed on the website. The entry fee is $20, and all entrants will receive a copy of NMW's high-quality anthology. More information about the Love Wins literary competition can be found at,, and



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