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'She Came At Dawn' By Katja Michael - A Lesbian Romance Novel

she came at down
Katja Michael is a German hobby writer. She has been reading nonstop for years. The day she started studying English Literature, she discovered her passion for this language. Eventually, inevitably, she ended up writing English novels and recently released 'She Came At Dawn', a lesbian romance novel.
Katja Michael
What would you do if your whole settled life would be turned around in one single moment, by one single person?
'She Came At Down' tells the story of Melissa, a college-student who has it all: wealthy parents, a handsome boyfriend, good friends and the safety of already being fully settled in the middle of her twenties. But when Melissa gets to know her friend, Tom’s new girlfriend, it changes everything. Laila, a stunning beauty with emerald eyes, seems to be able to show her that there are many other ways of living than the one seemingly hewn in stone for Melissa. The girls fall head over heels in love – but sometimes it’s hard to follow one’s heart when you have everything to lose.
If you are looking for a classy lesbian novel to read, you won't be disappointed by this one. Michael describes the characters and the relationships in a very realistic way.


To purchase 'She Came At Down': ITunes - Amazon - Smashwords

Katja Micheal's website: anomalyofhearts.com

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