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Suzanne DeWitt Hall Just Released "Rimplepimple", A Book For Children That Features Two Moms And Their Superhero Dog!

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Here's a new superhero for kids! Rimplepimple is a dog, Wire Fox Terrier, who lives with an older sister cat a bit annoying and sometimes authoritarian, and two human moms who do not speak the same language. So, to overcome boredom, Rimplepimple turns his days into real adventures.

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«Rimplepimple» is a very nice book to browse, exciting by the story and by the beautiful illustrations. Children will enjoy themselves in the shoes of this adorable dog.

The animals do not care about your physical appearance, your sexuality or your religion as long as you love them and it is this life lesson Suzanne wanted to convey through "Rimplepimple". It also emphasizes the fact that one can sometimes be misunderstood, or one lives in alternate family structures, but that does not mean that one is not loved.

Suzanne was inspired by her own family: her wife Dianne, her Chicken cat and her dog Rimplepimple for writing this book for children.

«My wife and I believe strongly that providing books that show families of a variety of structures makes sense, because children live in all sorts of familial configurations,» says Suzanne.

«Some live with a mom and dad, some with just one of each, some with two of one or the other. Some live with grandparents, others with foster parents, and that’s just a few examples. Social belongingness and acceptance is important for kids. They want to feel «normal”. They want to read about families like their own. Rumplepimple shows that parents act like parents regardless of gender or biological relationship. And that love is what is important.»

For more information, please visit or Suzanne DeWitt Hall's website

«Rimplepimple» is available on Amazon here:

Suzanne will donate a portion of profits from the sale of this book to a dog rescue organization.



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