The Lesbian Comic 'Les Chroniques Mauves'
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The Lesbian Comic 'Les Chroniques Mauves'


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If you are fan of comics, you will have surely heard of certain comics whose certain characters come out. However, as well as we can watch 100% lesbian TV shows, we have also 100% lesbian comics like Les Chroniques Mauves (The Mauve Chronicles) which I have just discovered and which I enjoyed.



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The Mauve Chronicles are composed of 12 episodes in which we can follow 3 generations of women from the 50' to 2011. As wrote on the website, "that starts in 1950, with the birth of Christiane, 'Chris', and that finishes during the Gay Pride of Paris in 2011. During all this time, the characters evolve, learn how to live, age, reveal their paradoxes.

'Chris' is the main character of this series. She is in almost all the episodes. She is a sort of link. We see her evolving and aging from her birth until her 61 years old. Around her, five or six other recurring characters: Fanny, the younger one, Charlotte, Sabine, Colette…."

This first graphic novel, all in black and white, is not the work of only one person but of a team with a screenwriter, Catherine Feunteun, and 5 cartoonists, Soizick Jaffre, Cab, La Grande Alice, Carole Maurel and Louise Mars. It deals with different subjects like the coming out, the place of women in the society, trans people,… In spite of the fact that this novel is a fiction, the characters and the stories are very realistic.

The Mauve Chronicles are available in French in a digital version for (7.30 euros) or a paper version (21 euros) on

Discover a little bit more about this album with its trailer:

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