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The Lez Review: "Leaving Normal" By Rae Theodore

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Leaving Normal



"Be your own superhero" is the message Rae Theodore wants to share through her book "Leaving Normal," a book in which she tells her own story: the search for identity of a butch lesbian.

It is not always easy to understand who we are. It initially starts with sexual orientation and then with gender identity. In "Leaving Normal," Rae Theodore tells her own story, the one of a woman who did not immediately understood that she was lesbian. So she married a man, to everyone's surprise, before realizing that her destiny was with a woman. Then came the time to identify. So femme? Butch? Tomboy? This will be butch!

"Leaving Normal" is a book in which we find ourselves easily, either through the passages of the beginning or through her personal story. Some experiments that Rae has lived resonate with us in one way or another. How many of you found themselves confronted by people who wondered if you were a girl or a boy?

Like many writers we've had the pleasure of meeting, Rae wanted to write this book to fill a gap. It is true that sometimes it is difficult to find books about butch lesbians. So we are left alone with our questions. "Leaving Normal" is trying to meet this need, or at least it brings a testimony that will surely serve to others.

I admit I found the organization of the book a little weird at first. A succession of short stories in the first part, and a second part that recounts chronologically the Rae's life.

Rae explained to me: "I struggled with the chapter order. I started off with the chapters on living as a butch because I felt like that contains my strongest material and is the most empowering.  I wanted to catch the reader's attention about what it's like to live in the middle space between boy/girl and then go back in time and show how I got to where I am now."

Objective succeeded! These short stories from the beginning of the book actually catch us from the first pages. Rae was able to accurately recreate the emotion, the feelings experienced. "Leaving Normal" is a book really full of sincerity and that's what makes its charm.

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