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Maura Halloran's Play 'Pussy' To Return In New York On November 20

Maura Halloran Pussy




A play called 'Pussy' will immediately draw my attention and my curiosity but what does this title hides behind this name?

Photography Series: 'From Russia With Love'

russia with love


In approximately three months, the Winter Olympics will be launched in Sochi. The Russian government will probably do everything they can to make the LGBTQ community of Russia be quiet but despite everything, that will be a very good opportunity to bring the anti-gay laws that the Putin's Government passed out.

We will probably report actions which will be done by Russian LGBT activists during these Olympic Games.And we start today with a photography series taken by photographer Anastasia Ivanova who, with her's way, wanted to pay homage and show lesbian couples in Russia.

Play: a Lesbian 'Romeo and Juliet'

lesbian romeo juliet




Do you fancy seeing a lesbian version of the Shakespeare's play 'Romeo and Juliet'?

Sappho... In 9 Fragments

 Sappho in 9 fragments


At the origin, Sappho… in 9 fragments was written and played by Jane Montgomery Griffiths, this play is directed today by Jessica Ruano (http://jessicaruano.com/), the role of Sappho and Atthis being interpreted by Victoria Grove.

'I Love Your Work', A Documentory Exploring The Feminist Lesbian Porn Industry






Jonathan Harris, artist and storyteller, made a documentary "I love your work" in which he explores the life, the story of women in the feminist lesbian porn industry.

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