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Kingston Gets It's Queer On!
         REELOUT ARTS PROJECT INC. is having
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Homophobia Can Be The Cause Of Diseases
A study shows that homophobia involves hormonal changes which can develop a
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One Marriage To Legalize All
(dispo en fr) In Montpellier, France, the mayor of the city decided to
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Appeal For Ugandan Lesbian In U.K.
The appeal of the Ugandan lesbian requiring asylum in England will take place
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What the LGBTQ Community Can Learn From Dr. King's
    Most people know the “enemies” of equality, those
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GLSEN And Pepsi's Contest
A contest was organized by Pepsi, Pepsi Refresh Contest and GLSEN obtained the
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Products Of Chick-fil-a Are Back On Campus
Do you remember the University of South Bend in Indiana which had decided to
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No Married Names On Driver's Licenses
In Sioux Falls, two women, legally married in Iowa, received their driver's
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Exploring Gender: Resources for Parents
My mom asked me to write a post for her about how to cope with the fear she
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A Website To Report Hate Crimes
A website has just been launched to encourage people to report crimes of
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Pauley Perrette: "NoH8"

Pauley Perrette, who plays in NCIS, showed her support for NoH8.

During the People's Choice Awards, she appeared with a dress "NoH8" designed by Terry King.

"It's kind of like wearing my heart on my sleeve, but I'm wearing it on my dress" she said.

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