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Ali Forney Center Releases Homeless For The Holidays 2012 Videos


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For a few weeks, the Ali Forney Center of New York, which helps homeless young LGBT, released videos introducing this youth without a home.


Here for example the story of Che, a lesbian who told her mother has a problem with her being a lesbian and she also felt like a pedophile because, when she was visiting her uncle and cousin, her uncle used to check every five minutes what Che and her cousin were doing.

Follow other stories of young LGBT: Homeless for the Holidays 2012


"Statistics don't adequately express the horror of what these youths endure," writes Executive Director Carl Siciliano. "They don't express the suffering these kids go through; the psychological torment of being rejected, feeling unloved, alone and terrified, or the physical torment of the cold, exposure to the elements, hunger and chronic sleep deprivation."


They would be almost 3,800 homeless youth when only 250 youth shelter beds are provided by the city.

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