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Expedia Highlights LGBT Couples To Promote Its Competition "Love Is Great Britain"

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expedia love is great britain


Too few travel companies highlight LGBT couples, but lately ExpediaExpedia did, which caused many reactions on Twitter.

The Expedia travel booking company recently launched a competition to win a trip to the UK, but, contrary to what we usually see, the company wanted to promote «this romantic getaway to Great Britain» with same-sex couples as you can see from the picture.

Following this, many hate tweets, both homophobic and racist, were published on Twitter.

Nonetheless, many people also welcomed this publicity and we have chosen to focus on these messages, such as Etoilee8 who applauding it: «@Expedia @VisitBritain Yay to both these businesses for being inclusive of all sorts of people!»

It's not the first campaign of Expedia including same-sex couples since in 2012, the company had already talked about a wedding between two women.

Also, for information, the competition is still open! Simply complete the form on the following link to try to win this trip:

Good luck!



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