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One More Lesbian (OML) And Tello Films Announce Merger



One More Lesbian (OML), the largest online distributor of LGBT film/TV content, announced today the successful merger with tello Films, the Chicago-based leading provider of original online lesbian video content.

The OML and tello Films merger is a major coup, marking the long-awaited consolidation of the two leading web-based lesbian entertainment moguls.

While tello Films will retain its brand and identity, its entire catalog will now migrate and solely exist under the OML marquee. tello will become the subscription service of OML with all of its content now accessible via OML’s homepage. Viewers will be able to enjoy the content of the site’s new premium section for the minimal fee of $3.99 a month. In addition, new tello Films projects will now also be co-executive produced by OML.

“We're the largest distributor of lesbian video content online and tello is the leading provider of lesbian video content online. The merger with tello Films feels like a natural and organic move for us”, says Shirin Papillon, founder and CEO of OML, “together we become the largest provider and distributor of lesbian video content online. I’m extremely excited about what it will ultimately mean for lesbian visibility worldwide.”

Dubbed the Netflix, Hulu, iTunes and Amazon of the lesbian world, OML has secured its cyberspace presence as not only a trusted brand, but also as the ultimate seminal Mecca of online lesbian movie streaming bringing new films and other specialty entertainment to LGBT audiences around the world via digital platforms.

Similarly, tello Films has been prolifically producing and distributing innovative, high-quality lesbian-focused web-series with such notable projects as Cowgirl Up, McManusland, I Hate Tommy Finch and The Throwaways (see our review: Lesbian Web Series - The Throwaways).

Shirin and Christin

Both companies have been successfully remaining in the vanguard of developing new strategies for alternative distribution and have now respectively become marquee destinations.

“Shirin and I started our websites with one focus and goal in mind- to bring more content to the lesbian community.  We choose different focuses- her's was a distribution platform to support artists and ours was to create original content,” says Christen Mell, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of tello, “this is why our merger is so great because together we are better than separate.  We bring the best of our sites together and we are the future of digital content for a niche community.”
While mainstream television is not ready yet to support the amount of lesbian-focused programming that the lesbian community needs - because, demographically speaking, lesbian representation is not substantial enough to sway the ratings – there is nevertheless enough of a demand to support hubs of content on the web.
And as the web still remains the primary source for quality LGBT content, the merger between OML and tello Films will be bringing high-quality projects to larger audiences than ever before – establishing themselves as the ultimate one-stop emporium for lesbian entertainment.


More about (OML):

Founded in 2008 by Shirin Papillon, OML is the World's leading aggregator of lesbian video content online enjoying 1.5 million page views monthly in over 190 countries.
With the recent addition of their Video On Demand platform dubbed OML+, which offers feature films and short, One More Lesbian has become a one-stop media shopping experience.
Determined to remove the stigma of lesbian media being synonymous with pornography, OML seeks out and aggregates positive video content from other video sites around the world.  Having been viewed in over 190 countries, One More Lesbian is reaching people and places that typically would have no access to positive lesbian content. It is also working with major broadcasters such as Showtime and film distributors including Wolfe Video and First Run Features. It has also famously partnered with non-profit organizations in the likes of GLAAD and HRC.
Plans for OML’s future include the addition of eBooks and music, among others. Papillon will be announcing more exciting new offers for 2013 in the few upcoming months.
More about
Co-Founded by Christin Mell and Nicole Valentine in 2008, produces and distributes innovative, high-quality web-series with a lesbian focus. The site is run by the creative team composed of Christin Mell- CEO, Jessica King- Chief Operations Officer, Julie Keck- Chief Creative Officer. Together this team has produced, written and directed I Hate Tommy Finch and The Throwaways. currently hosts 11 original and exclusive series including the popular McManusLand, Cowgirl Up Season 1, 3Way, and Brunch with Bridget.

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