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One More Lesbian (OML), the largest online distributor of LGBT film/TV content, announced today the successful merger with tello Films, the Chicago-based leading provider of original online lesbian video content.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012 23:19

Ali Forney Center Releases Homeless For The Holidays 2012 Videos

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For a few weeks, the Ali Forney Center of New York, which helps homeless young LGBT, released videos introducing this youth without a home.

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A few months ago, the American organization GLAAD released a report on the representation of the LGBTQ community on american TV channels. After two years of investigation, this is the turn of the BBC to publish its report on the perception in the media of lesbian, gay and bisexual people by the audience and some experts.

Monday, 26 November 2012 07:21

Exploring Gender: The Number One Question I Am Asked

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The number one question I am asked by other trans* individuals is: “Do you know of any uplifting media centered on trans* characters?” So what do we have in the way of stories to support us and to help us through those bad days?

Sunday, 25 March 2012 16:53

Exploring Gender: Social Media Video Projects

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Social networking and the internet have become such important parts of life, especially for those of the LGBTQ* community because sometimes we cannot feel comfortable within our own schools or families. We need support from somewhere. From Facebook to Twitter to Tumblr to YouTube, different sites allow people to communicate with others with the same interests or identities. It helps us to feel less alone, more involved and connected, to know there are people going through the same things, people who will listen and tell their own stories, giving us something to grasp onto when we feel hopeless. On YouTube, many different channels and projects have popped up to tie us more closely together and help us to feel like we aren’t alone.

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