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Tuesday, 02 August 2016 23:03

2015-2016: What Is The Most Welcoming European Country For LGBTQ People?

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Like every year, it's time to take a quick look at the situation in Europe. So what are the most welcoming countries for LGBTQ people?

ILGA-Europe (International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association) has published its annual report, "the Rainbow Report 2016", in which it takes stock of the current situation in term of hospitality of LGBTQ people, both from a political and a public point of view.

So the first thing we see is the divide between an Eastern Europe that closes and a Western Europe that opens, what was already the case last year.

We could see this fracture to settle a little more each year with laws against gay "propaganda" in the East, while in the West more and more countries approve the equal marriage.

Let's start with the worst countries for our community:

With a score of only 5%, Azerbaijan comes last on the list. Azerbaijan is a country that is located just below Russia, meanwhile, is no better, with 7% tied with Armenia, which is located on the side of Azerbaijan.

In the report, there are those who fall like Poland, where homophobic and transphobic statements in public are increasing, and there are those who are improving as Austria, where the insemination is open to lesbians and the ban on joint adoption has been removed; as Greece, where a civil partnership for same-sex couples was approved and where intersex people were officially recognized; and as Ireland, where the people approved marriage equality by referendum and where gender was officially recognized with the Gender Recognition Act.

Not so bad:

Germany is not bad with 55% despite the government's refusal to allow marriage for same-sex couples. France is improving with 2% more than the previous year, 67%, due to advances in the field of health: the opening of the blood donation by homosexual people and especially, the provision of PrEP, which is a effective treatment against HIV transmission.

Finally, here is the podium of the most welcoming European countries for LGBTQ people:


The UK, with a score of 81%, is third with laws allowing same-sex marriage approved by Jersey or the Isle Of Man and many advances in gender recognition.

Belgium is second with a score of 82% thanks to the automatic recognition of the second mother and the desire to better legally recognize gender.

But which country is therefore number one and becomes the most welcoming country for us? Well it's an island. Indeed Malta, with a score of 88%, topped the rankings!Malta is located just below Italy and it gets high marks thanks to the Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sex Characteristics Act which allows better protections for LGBTQ people. ILGA-Europe says Malta is an example to follow in terms of education policy for transgender, intersex and gender-variant children, becoming the first country in Europe to worry about their well-being.

Find full results country by country, here:

Photo of Malta from Educatouring