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Wednesday, 27 April 2016 21:45

A Tomboyish Lesbian Teenage Was Kicked Off From A McDonald For Using The Women's Restroom

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Ny Richardson




We are not talking about the problems of access to the bathrooms only in the United-States because in the UK, this time, a lesbian was asked to leave the restroom for women after taking her for a man.

Ny Richardson, a 16-year-old lesbian with a rather masculine look, was just spending time with her friends in the St. Andrews Quay McDonald's branch. She decided to use the restroom, so obviously she used the women's restroom, and that's where she was asked to immediately leave. She went back to sit with her friends at the table where they were eating. The matter would have ended there, but the manager of the McDonald came and asked her to provide a proof of ID. Having no ID card with her to prove her gender, the manager asked them to leave the restaurant.

The situation escalated, the girls got edgy against the manager and one can understand why. This can happen to forget your ID but should she show her tits? There was no violence or degradation, yet the manager had bluntly called the police.

A McDonald's spokesperson has confirmed that this group had been sacked "following several complaints about inappropriate behavior".

She said she "used to being accused of being a boy" but this time she felt "humiliated in front of the whole restaurant".

Here, if someone had inappropriate behavior, it is the manager of the McDonald, who has shown not only transphobia but also sexism.

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