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Thursday, 09 June 2016 23:42

Denmark Declassified Transgender Identity As A Mental Disorder

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The Danish Parliament has made a historic decision for transgender rights since in effect it annulled the classification of transgender identities as mental illness.

This decision will thus allow transgender people to change easier their identity on their ID card or other. So far, trans people who wanted to change identity had to automatically go through psychiatric evaluations to ensure that they were not crazy, which was totally shameful. We are really happy to see that the Danish Parliament has gone in the direction of equal and much more acceptable treatment of transgender people.

Denmark is thus among the first countries to reclassify its mental disorder. You should know that the World Health Organization (WHO) has requested that the International Classification of Disorders to be revised by 2018 and therefore the removal of transgender identity as a mental disorder is part of these changes requested by the WHO.

"This very encouraging move from Denmark sets a strong example internationally towards destigmatizing transgender people and paving the way for quick and transparent processes for legal gender recognition," Amnesty International's Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Advisor Leda Avgousti.

Currently, there are still countries which regard transgender identity as a mental illness, we obviously hope other countries will quickly enough follow the example of Denmark. In 2010, France became the first country to stop regarding transgender people as a mental disorder.

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