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Tuesday, 01 March 2016 21:41

Italy Approves Civil Unions For LGBTQ Couples

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Second good news of the day since in Italy, the Senate approved civil unions for same-sex couples.

After a year of heated debate and protests in the streets, the bill supported by the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi was accepted by the Senate finally allowing LGBT couples to access a recognition that they look forward for a long time.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the LGBT community is not completely satisfied with this vote because, to ensure passage of the bill, the government decided to remove the part about adoption for same-sex couples.

Only civil unions have therefore been approved and adoption has, meanwhile, been quite simply canceled.

"We are outraged, angry, disappointed," Marilena Grassadonia, president of Rainbow Families, an Italian association of homosexual parents, told The Associated Press. "We can’t believe that in 2016 . . . in a country like Italy which is so proud to be part of this Europe, that it’s possible to make a law on civil unions without considering children who should be protected as Italian citizens."

The senators approved the bill by a 173-71 vote, so this is a victory for the bill. It should be noted that the cancellation of the adoption part has greatly worked in favor of civil unions.

Not sure the result would have been the same if the adoption part had been kept. We must admit though that adoption was a problem for opponents.

So we will welcome, even so, the vote of civil unions since there was absolutely no prior recognition. The bill was being blocked in parliament for years, it was later revived by the European Court, which asked Italy to grant a recognition of LGBT couples, the bill was supported by the government and finally this story ends with a victory.

We will obviously continue to fight in Italy for adoption, and also for the right to marry.

Know that this civil unions law brings rights like the ability to have the same name, it will also allow in particular to have visiting rights in hospitals as well as having a right to make decisions about the medical care provided, and then it also solves inheritance problems.

To conclude, note that on the adoption, even if there is no law, it is not forbidden to use the courts to seek recognition of an adoption. Certainly this is not an ideal procedure, but it is still better than having an official ban.

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