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Thursday, 25 July 2013 18:24

Moldovan LGBT Community Wake Up With A 'Gay Propaganda' Law Approved By Their Government

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After Russia and Lithuania, Moldova also passed a "gay propaganda" law.


According to Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty (RFERL), in late May, the Moldovan LGBT community held a landmark tolerance festival that was hailed as a step toward liberalization for the poor, conservative, former Soviet country.

But just three days after the festival ended it became known that lawmakers in Chisinau passed a law that gay-rights advocates say mirrors similar legislation adopted in Russia and Lithuania.


Moldova was pretty "original". Nobody in the country knew that the law had been approved in May and signed by President Nicolae Timofti on July 5. It came into force on July 12.


You imagine the reaction of the Moldovan LGBT's who find themself deprived of rights without having the chance of opposing it!?! Besides, Angela Frolov, the head of the gay-rights NGO GenderDoc-M in Chisinau, said they learned about the new law only after it was officially published on July 12, the date the measure came into effect!

"We consider -- and not only us, but all our international partners -- believe this amendment contradicts the constitution and Moldovan law, especially the [EU-backed] antidiscrimination law and some international treaties that Moldova has signed," she says.


Like the others "gay propaganda" laws, "the distribution of public information aimed at the propagation of prostitution, pedophilia, pornography, or of any other [intimate] relations [other] than those related to marriage or family" will be punished by fines of up to 8,000 leu (about $625/425€).


LGBT activists think the deputies did not really know what kind of law they were about to approve.

"I believe the amendment was passed out of ignorance -- that most of the MPs did not read it," Frolov said. "It was sponsored by just three deputies, who we know are strongly against homosexuals and who have been fighting against equal rights for the LGBT community."


Of course, the battle to repeal this amendment started. Frolov said that GenderDoc-M has already begun working with lawmakers and others to have the amendment repealed. They have sent notification about the measure to international rights organizations, the European Commission, and diplomatic missions in Moldova.

They also plan to organize a roundtable discussion of the situation with the parliament deputies.


Moldova hopes to join the European Union which prohibits this kind of discrimination going against the LGBT community but will it be enough to repeal this amendment?

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