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The Orthodox Church Tries To Ban Marriage Equality In The Constitution Of Romania

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The Orthodox Church of Romania is trying to collect the 500,000 signatures required for a referendum on the definition of marriage in the constitution.

The Orthodox priests have indeed taken advantage of Christmas and the New Year to try to get signatures.

The church would like to change the constitution of Romania in order to define marriage as between a man and a woman, and thus prohibit the equal marriage. At present, the constitutional article defines marriage as a partnership "between spouses".

In Romania, 85% of the population are Orthodox.

"Romania is not yet ready to encourage marriage between same-sex persons and in my opinion this topic came up in public too early," sociologist Tudor Pitulac said.

"But the Church is wrong if it tries to force a change to the constitution, as the topic has to be debated more," he added.

Marriage equality is not yet on the agenda, we must admit. No bill has been introduced until now because no political party supports the law.

There has been an attempt in 2013 to introduce a civil union bill, open to same-sex couples, but it was rejected. Therefore, there is no recognition for the LGBT community in Romania.



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