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Will The Swiss Constitutionally Ban Marriage Equality?

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The Christian Democratic Party of Switzerland attempts to ban marriage equality this month.

Indeed, the Swiss have to vote in a referendum on February 28 asking whether married couples should pay the same taxes as the couples whose relationship is not officially registered. However, another question joined the first. Lawyers LGBT rights draw attention to the fact that a "yes" to this question on taxes also result in the passage of a constitutional ban on marriage equality. It would define marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

We could then read in the constitution of Switzerland: "Marriage is the sustainable and regulated union between a man and a woman. From a fiscal point of view, marriage constitutes an economic community. It cannot be discriminated against other ways of living, in particular in terms of tax and social insurance."

In Switzerland, same-sex couples can officially register but cannot marry. This constitutional act would end any attempt to get this right for LGBT couples.

A coalition of groups currently touring Switzerland to explain to people what a "yes" in the referendum means for equality.

For the bill to become law, it is necessary that the majority of people in a majority of Swiss cantons approved it.



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