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Have A Good Bisexuality Day!!!

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Celebrate BIsexuality


This year GLAAD and BiNetUSA have again partnered to promote bisexuality during this week dedicated to worldwide bisexual people.

"Bisexual Awareness Week is a powerful initiative that highlights a frequently overlooked part of the LGBTQ community," said GLAAD President & CEO Sarah Kate Ellis.

"By focusing on issues that disproportionately affect bi+ people, we can combat the harmful tropes and erasure that they experience."

This is the third edition of this partnership between the two organizations which is a very good initiative, moreover if you want more information you can visit the GLAAD's website dedicated to the event:

"I'm delighted at the progress we've made over the last three years of partnering with GLAAD on Bisexual Awareness Week," said Faith Cheltenham, President of BiNet USA.

"From a rise in awareness surrounding the importance of saying the word 'bisexual;' to the increased recognition of bi+ health disparities and the dire need for bi-specific support for communities facing disproportionately high rates of sexual violence, poor mental health, and domestic violence; we've seen real advancement. It's important that we take time to celebrate not only our continued existence, but our opportunity to positively impact every community we call home."

The Bi Week held from September 19 to 26. Have a good Bisexuality Day! If you are looking for events devoted to the celebration in the world, check this site out:



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