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Finally a victory in Eastern Europe! We were rather appalled these last weeks by the votes of anti-gay laws in Russia. One of these laws, in particular, bans public demonstrations organization like Gay Prides and, this year, despite a similar amendment in Lithuania, the Baltic Gay Pride could take place.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013 22:35

BiCon 2013 From July 18 To July 21 In Edinburgh

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 BiCon 2013 Edinburgh

Every years, between July 18 and July 21, the city of Edinburgh celebrates bisexuality!

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Already last year, Pink Dot had brought together a lot of people in Singapore and this year, they were even more to meet to celebrate the LGBTQ pride.


Hello fabulous EDEN attendees! Happy Pride month! We are so excited that you will be joining us at EDEN this year. This is by far the most spectacular year yet and we can't wait to show you what we got in store for you. Each night is gaymazing and YOU will have a most excellent experience! Here are all the events going on during EDEN Weekend.


Eve is back and she's coming to EDEN Pride Weekend San FranciscoEDEN Pride Weekend San Francisco. The Grammy award-winning rapper Eve will headline EDEN's Signature Party on Saturday, June 29 at Mezzanine for her first ever San Francisco performance.

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