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There Will Be Only Good Movies At The Reeling Film Festival To Be Held From September 17 To 24 In Chicago!

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If you are in Chicago in September, do not miss the city's film festival to be held from September 17 to 24. There are very good films to watch!

This year, the Reeling Film Festival will present a list of films, just as interesting as each other.

The comedy «Fourth Man Out» with Evan Todd and Kate Flannery will open the festival.

As a preview, you can enjoy «Freeheld» the film with Ellen Page and Julianne Moore, which tells the story of a terminally ill woman police officer who fight to get her wife to receive her pension. The film is scheduled to officially be released in October. You can now watch the trailer of the film here: http://lezbelib.com/tv-movies/enjoy-the-trailer-of-the-lesbian-film-freeheld

«Portrait of a Serial Monogamist» is a romantic comedy that we talked about when it was only in draft form. The film has been finished and thus you can enjoy it too. Written and directed by Christina Zeidler and John Mitchell, «Portrait of a Serial Monogamist» tells the story of Elsie, a 40-year-old television producer and a serial monogamist that separates from her wife after years of relationship to date with a younger woman. She then causes the disappointment of her friends and her family and realizes, gradually, that she may be separated from her true love.

Do not miss «From This Day Forward», «Hush Up Sweet Charlotte» or «Stonewall», the list of good movies is long for this edition of Reeling Film Festival. For a complete list of films and more information, visit: http://reelingfilmfestival.org/2015/http://reelingfilmfestival.org/2015/




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