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British Clothing Brand "Matalan" Launches Its Campaign "Made For Modern Families" Featuring Lesbian Moms And A Gay Couple

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MatalanMatalan, a British clothing brand, has launched its new advertising campaign focusing on the diversity of families and on this occasion it has included lesbian and gay couples.

We can discover in this campaign called «Made for Modern Families», Helen and Karen, a couple of lesbian moms, and Salih and Jason, a gay couple.

Karen told BuzzfeedBuzzfeed they wanted to be part of this campaign because they «really liked the message they’re [Matalan] trying to get out – that families are different to how they were 30 years ago.»

«But we’re aware we live in a bit of a bubble living near Brighton and there is still a lot of prejudice out there, which has been highlighted with the election coming up – with UKIP and everything – and I thought it’d be really nice to try and address that prejudice,» she said.

«We just want the best for our amazing kids and thought it’s about time to actually be proud of who we are and try and challenge some of the stereotypes that people have. To get some people thinking who don’t really know any gay families.»

Matalan's managing director Jason Hargreaves also spoke about the campaign.

He said: «Family life has changed dramatically since we first opened our doors 30 years ago. The demands on parents and families are greater than ever as time is precious, life is faster and pockets are pinched.

«Family is at the heart of our business and we are committed to being there to help families, whatever their makeup or wherever they’re from, in everything we do.»

Here's a behind-the-scene of the photo shoot of Matalan's campaign «Made for Modern Families»:

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