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Designer Helen Bender Creates Wedding Clothing For Women Who Love Women

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To answer the request of two of her lesbian friends about to become joined in a civil union and not knowing what to wear, Helen Bender (pictured on the left) has had the idea to launch a wedding clothing line for women who love women.


For those who do not picture themselves in classical wedding dresses or trouser suits, Bender, a dressmaker based in Mainz, Germany, created for example a gold overall with a jacket and a matching cream-coloured dress of variable length which allows you to keep your lesbian identity and gender while being very class and very beautiful for your wedding ceremony.

The designer, who at the beginning only did her friends a favour, found herself today at the head of 'La Mode Abyssale', her wedding clothing brand, which does not cease developing and starts to capture an international market since her invitation at the fashion week of New York.

"For me the challenge is to go beyond traditional gender roles. You can be so much more creative when dressing a homosexual couple," she told The Guardian.

Bender supports LGBT rights and hopes Germany will legalize marriage equality soon:

"I think it's a real shame that Germany is so out of step with the rest of Europe in that respect," Bender said.

"I feel the people here are more than ready for it – it's just politics that is lagging behind."

Her website: La Mode Abyssale

Photo 1: hbz/Stefan F. Sämmer



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