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Wednesday, 16 March 2016 01:32

Gender Free World Is About To Launch A New Brand Of Clothing Without Labels

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Co-created and directed by Lisa Honan (pictured on the right), Gender Free World (GFW), a Brighton based start-up, will officially launch their new brand of clothing without labels on March 16.

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This clothing brand hopes to promote the fact that the clothing should not define a person. GFW wants to bring clothes for people who do not wish to identify as male or female, but who want to wear stylish clothes.

As explained Lisa Honan, "for women who like a particular more masculine or boyish style, it is not as simple as shopping in the men's section." Also, men's clothes are not adapted to their morphology, male clothes can be a little too wide so Lisa and her team wish to remedy this by offering menswear which suit the female body.

Beyond the binary, male-female, this start-up wishes above all to break the dress code associated with gender and is offering gender-neutral clothes.

Gender Free World wants "to create a world where everyone is free to express their own style and taste regardless of what is considered traditional men's or women's clothes," Honan said.

The brand will start with three ranges: Alex, Billie and Charlie which are mainly designed with female body shapes, but with a gender ‚Äč‚Äčneutral appreciation, ideal for people who have a boyish or tomboy style. Be noted that the range Charlie will then also fit some male shapes.

Subsequently, GFW would like to develop a little more clothing for male shapes in mid-2016 called Drew, and then they want to develop gender neutral kids clothes too.

Honan also said in a press release that Gender Free World is not intended only to be a brand of clothing because it will expand to offer gender neutral toys or other gender neutral goods.

"At Gender Free World we're not trying to tell people what they should call themselves or which box they should tick, we're just trying to ensure that stylish, fashionable clothes are available to buy for everyone regardless of their gender or body type. We're keeping it simple. We are not saying we want a world without gender only that it is unfair that gender can limit and restrict your choices, which is why we've created our gender neutral fashion range," Honan explains.

For more information, visit the website of Gender Free World: www.genderfreeworld.com/

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