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Saturday, 18 June 2016 23:18

A Study Shows That A Quarter Of Straight Women Think That Gender Is Fluid

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gender fluidity

We knew that more and more straight women were going to experience a sexual relationship with another woman, thus removing many barriers.

A new study reveals that not only a quarter of straight women already had a relationship with a woman, but that also a quarter of them now think that gender is fluid.

This study was conducted by Grazia and Onepoll among 2,000 heterosexual women.

Overall, a fifth of these women saw these relationships with other women as a sexual experience, but a quarter of them said they wanted more.

In terms of fashion, since it is also important when it comes to gender, well, a quarter of these women admit to having bought a menswear for themselves.

Ruby Rose

The researchers who conducted this study explain that this greater acceptance of the fluidity of gender and sex with same-sex people often follows from negative experiences these women have suffered at home or at work that have led them to revise the traditional view they had of womanhood.

A few decades ago, women were relegated to secondary roles and had no access to a bunch of jobs, to politics or positions that require a lot of responsibility. Today there are still barriers against which we must fight, but women are coming to terms with themselves more and more.

18 to 24-year-old women: This new study reveals that a quarter of them already had a relationship with a woman and that a third of them have already been attracted to someone who was not part of their sexuality.

25 to 34-year-old women: A tenth of these women would not choose pink for their daughters. The mothers in this age group also indicated that they did not only choose male toys for a little boy or female toys for a little girl.

Similarly, they read "non-stereotypical" stories, as stories of princesses for girls and superheroes for boys.

Note that a quarter of them indicates that their gender does not allow them to have perhaps the career they could have. Well, it is the fault of society which is unfortunately still too dominated by the idea that women are not as available as men for important positions because juggling between their work and their families.

35 to 44-year-old women: They sum up the situation: they feel society is now increasingly accepting gender fluidity and especially since the last 10 years.

This study shows that the concept of gender and all the clich├ęs that one can see in society begin to be removed thanks to celebrities like Ruby Rose who openly talked about it.

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