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A Date On Lesbos

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Sappho and Alcaeus



Dear Sappho,

It would be so much fun to live on the ancient island of Lesbos and spend a day with you. Could you describe a typical date with you and your lover and some of the things you might do hanging out with the Beloved?


Dear Curious, 

What I aim for is a meaningful connection with the Goddess inside the woman whose company I am keeping. A typical date would be a natural event, perhaps a walk, a meal, live music. It would also include poetry, of course, possibly starting with an invocation of the Graces, Aphrodite, Diana, Athena.

Playful flirting that captures and expresses mutual admiration, caresses, and a plan to meet again is the hope of many. Special plans could include dancing, singing, drinking or indulging in the arts. To me, some of the simple pleasures are the best like walking hand in hand through flowers or on the beach. 

Yes, I suppose I’m a romantic but I’m natural low key romantic, without the need for the trappings of wealth or property just the need to inspire and be inspired. No inspiration, no second date.  

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