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Monday, 11 July 2016 17:13

A Teenager Came Out With A Banner On Disneyland's Splash Mountain Ride, Which Becomes The Most Original Coming Out

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Gina, a 16-year-old native woman from Sacramento, recently came out in a very original way.

Indeed, Gina announced to her family and friends she is gay with a picture of her showing a sign saying "I'm Gay!" taken during a day at Disneyland.

"I love funny ride photos so I figured I could make the sign just in case I decided to go for it, and I did," she told Buzzfeed.

"I'm not the type of person to have a deep, sit-down conversation, so I wanted to tell them in a lighthearted and fun way," she added.

Her mom saw the picture you can see above and share it with her dad and her brother. Gina then shared it with the following tweet: "This is how I came out yesterday lolol"

She did not think then that her picture would travel around the world and it would become the most original coming out we've ever seen!

"I never expected it to blow up like this. This Twitter account where I posted random fangirl stuff but I decided it couldn't hurt to post it and the result was absolutely amazing," Gina said.

To conclude, know that her family has a positive reaction to the fact that she is gay.

Photo from Twitter/ginaslife3

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