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After Her Coming Out As Queer, Cœur De Pirate Announces Her Relationship With Singer Laura Jane Grace

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Béatrice Martin



A month ago Béatrice Martin, better known as Cœur de Pirate, came out as queer through a very moving letter published on the website of Noisey after the shooting in Orlando. The young Quebec* singer, who had been discovered especially in 2008 with her song "Comme Des Enfants" (Like Kids) spoke for the first time about her queer identity.

"Why hide who you are? In a world where, in certain countries, being gay is still punishable by death, it’s important to take a stand. The internet is a beautiful place sometimes. That’s when I started feeling like a hypocrite. The whole situation made me wonder if I was considering myself honest. I had been going through many changes as well. As a public figure, I’ve always wondered what my position should be about my private life: what should I say or not say? Sure, it’s my “private” life, I can say whatever I want, but truthfully there is some good in being honest. This is not just for me but for the people that consider me someone who is cool and awesome. At least, I try to be," she wrote.

"One of my first crushes was a girl and the second she heard about it, she started ignoring me. For anyone, that’s traumatizing. I resented the fact that liking someone of the same sex was not widely accepted. I settled for a heterosexual lifestyle because I was scared of rejection. After years of being awkward both in bed and in relationships, I settled down, buried all of my feelings deep inside, had a kid, and thought things were going to be alright.

"I was completely wrong.

"Whatever I had repressed all those years came rushing back the second after I gave birth. I started disassociating. Whenever I had any form of contact with anyone, I would feel used and helpless. So I tried to detach myself from whatever was going on, physically and mentally. As someone that was realizing all of this later in life, I felt like a complete fraud. It is clear that with the Orlando attack homophobia is still very much present and a concern. Even with the internet, the open debates on horrible bills like North Carolina’s HB2 that are being passed in this day and age it is still fact that loving the person that you want to love comes with a price.

"That is why I’m coming out as queer today; because I can no longer be scared of what people might think about me. I can’t be scared that someone will stop listening to my music, or that parents might not want their kids listening to me because of the fact that I want to love whoever I want to love. I’m coming out for my daughter who needs to learn that love knows no race, religion, gender or orientation. Even though the family that she knew in the very beginning won’t be the same, she deserves all of the love that she needs or wants. I’m coming out for the victims that lost their lives because they wanted to celebrate who they truly were."

laura jane grace

Cœur de Pirate now announces her relationship with trans singer and musician Laura Jane Grace, leader of the band Against Me!

Of course, Cœur de Pirate continues to protect her privacy, and this is quite normal, but she now shows her new relationship with Laura Jane Grace at the sight of all.

Unfortunately, there were not only positive reactions to this announcement. I'll spare you the list of all disgusting comments, both queerphobes and transphobes.

Personally, being a big fan of Coeur de Pirate, I am very happy today to see she is now free, happy and in tune with herself.

Her last album titled "Roses" is available since August 2015. For more information or purchasing links, visit her website:

Beatrice is also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

As for Laura Jane Grace, a real nice discovery for me, released in 2015 a live album with her punk rock band Against Me! entitled "23 Live Sex Acts" with great songs like "True Trans Soul Rebel".

Cœur de Pirate and Against Me!'s albums are available for listening on Spotify and Deezer.

You can read the full letter of Beatrice here:

*Quebec is a province located in eastern Canada.

Photo of Jane by Ryan Lowry

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