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Monday, 22 August 2016 22:49

Brilliant Earth Has Just Released The Results Of A Survey On LGBTQ Engagement And Wedding Trends

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We usually talk about marriage on a political and legal point of view, so let's look a little more to the celebration of weddings. What are the trends that you follow? Are the traditions as saying vows, exchanging rings or other, persist? What is trendy at the moment? Are there a difference in behavior following age?

Brilliant Earth has tried to understand what were the same-sex couples, eager to marry, trends with a survey conducted through Google.

The first thing we notice is that some traditions remain. Saying vows and exchanging rings are always in fashion. You should know that there is little difference between LGBTQ men and women, women preferring the exchange of rings, 86%, against 70% for men.

We also note a difference between the younger and older people, which may seem surprising because we often wrongly associate the tradition with older people and novelty with younger one.

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Thus 86,4% of LGBTQ people wishing to wear a ring are from 18 to 24 years old while older people are less likely to want to wear a ring.

About the design of the ring, it is true that the one who identifies as femme have more desire to have a gemstone (15%), but all of those who wish to wear a gemstone on their ring, especially a diamond, men or women, represent 40%.

Ethical sourcing is extremely important. Three out of four respondents believe this criterion as very important (83%).

On the celebration of the wedding itself, within the community there are more people who want a celebration with family and friends (75%). The trend for intimate celebrations, the couple only, is slightly up.

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So then there is a wedding tradition that says seeing the bride before the ceremony is unlucky. Well, it seems that once again the older people do not pay attention. 75% between 45 to 65+ years old have nothing against the fact of seeing each other before the ceremony while only 35% of those 18-24. Would they be more superstitious?

Finally, there is no wedding without a cake and again we see a difference between LGBTQ women and men since women are more likely to want to keep the tradition of cutting the cake together, representing 72.5 % against only 59.3% of men.

I don't know if you will be in the results, perhaps in some. Of course it concerns people who want to marry but one can easily transpose it to people who do not wish to formalize a marriage, but can still decide to exchange vows, to make a promise of life; or wear a ring.

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