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Lezbelib Interview With Alice Derock, Founder Of The Lesbian Sex Toys Company "Wet For Her"

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Alice Derock


In 2009, Alice Derock, 35, a native of Paris, launched "Wet For Her" with her girlfriend to offer worldwide lesbians sex toys designed by lesbians, which, unbelievably, did not exist yet. From the initial idea to the manufacturing of products, everything is 100% lesbian.

In addition, the company is committed to provide both a matter of aesthetic quality, French Touch, but also in manufacturing as all products are 100% silicone and phthalate free.

Alice Derock answered our questions and tells us more about "Wet For Her" and the current hit sex toy "Fusion".

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Lezbelib: Alice why have you launched "Wet For Her" when there are already many sex toys companies and how did you have this bright idea?

Alice: A few years ago, my girlfriend and I were looking for sex toys and all we found were realistic ones with this thing that we hated called ball sac. We really wanted to find something that was designed and manufactured by lesbians. After some extensive research we were surprised to see that there actually were no sex toys made by and for lesbians ... and that’s how we found our new job!

Of course there are  hundreds of websites where sex toys are sold but most of these are designed and operated by straight men who more often than not do not understand what lesbians want, need  and like. It’s very hard to find something that will directly speak to lesbians.  Everything is mixed up, not to mention that most of these toys lack quality. Having a lesbian designer and manufacturer allows for more confidence and intimacy.

You can ask us questions, we can give you tips and advice. We design all of our sex toys with lesbians in mind. Our philosophy is also to work with lesbian-owned businesses only. That’s why for instance on we added the only 2 lesbian brands that design harnesses. brands.  All the products on the website have been tested and approved by lesbians 

Lezbelib: What is the difference between Wet For Her products and other sex toys which can be found on the market? 

A: We designed all our sex toys with lesbians in mind. This is why our products have some features that you won’t find in other sex toy company. We are not trying to have something that we don’t have (penis). Our goal is to have something that gives us an extra to please our partner and have fun in bed.

Also, all of our products are not only uniquely creative with a useful, elegant and chic French sense of style as well as a feminine edge, but also are 100 % silicone and phthalate free.

The sex toys industry is not regulated by the FDA, which means that you can manufacture sex toys in whatever material you want. I would say that 85% of the sex toys on the market are made with very poor material - containing phthalates, and other ‪carcinogenic‬ toxic materials. Usually those sex toys are very cheap and have an awful scent.

Phthalates are used to soften the toys and make the production cost cheaper. They can potentially cause cancer. They have been banned for children toys as children were bringing their toys to the mouth. When you use a sex toy it goes in your body! Evidently it melts with you mucous and if there are some phthalates and toxic material it will then go into your blood. 

To prevent any disease and to be vigilant, I would HIGHLY recommend that if you’re clueless as to what material your sex toy is made of then put a condom on it. The only material that is safe is silicone but only if  at 100% - meaning it only contains silicone. 

Wet For Her and the other brands we’ve partnered with on our website guarantee 100% silicone. 

Fusion Violet

Lezbelib: Which product is a hit right now? 

A: The fusion is a sex toy for harness that we designed with a clitoral bumper on the wearer side. For decades sex toys mounted to a harness were only one way (penetration) now they are two ways. The wearer is having a stimulation on a her clitoris while the receiver is having penetration stimulation. Generally, us lesbians are used to make love in turns or one at a time. With the fusion lesbian couples can have pleasure and orgasm both at the same time. 

Lezbelib: Where can you find the Wet For Her products?

A: All WetForHer products are available on We have created some kit (harness+sex toy) that are only available on the website. Part of the line is also available in the United States at retailers like Babeland, Pleasure Chest, Oakland’s Feelmore 510, New York City’s Purple Passion boutique and the online shopping websites Blowfish, and, to name a few.

Photo credit: Wet For Her



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