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Dear Sappho,
My girlfriend has been unemployed for some time now. I think she is tired of looking for work and has secretly given up trying to find a job. I am worried about our status quo and maintaining the same quality of living we had before she was laid off. I fear we will lose our house if something doesn't change soon. It is true that she supported me for years while I had personal problems, but she made 2 or 3 times more money than I do. Supporting her will not be financially possible for me at this time. I am sure if she tried a little harder we could make ends meet. I feel as though my world is falling apart and with it, our love. Any advice to save us?


Dear Poor but (still) loved one,
I'm afraid you have confused me with money guru Susie Orme. I offer no advice on money affairs or financial concerns, but I would wager to say that love is worth more than money. Support that leads to a successful life does not just include financial support. What are you doing to support your girlfriend's lost of livelihood? 

Times are tough but that's no excuse to turn your back on your loved one. Brainstorm together every possible advantage for your budget, economize, compromise, downsize, reevaluate. The economy will change but your love does not have to. I have always believed that money should not stand in the way of living the life I was born to live. 

If you have it, Love is more precious than any material treasure. If you don’t have it, it is worth more than you can account for. Concentrate on your partnership and the value you place in one another. That is of lasting concern. If you take care of the relationship the rest will resolve with patience and effort. You can always rent, but you can’t buy love.

Love always,

PS You might want to contact Susie Orme if all else fails

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