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Marvel Launches A Lesbian Barbie Bearing The Image Of Abby Wambach

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You've probably heard about the new Barbies with different skin colors and morphologies to better represent women. Be aware that some Barbies are modeled after inspirational women, and if I talk about this, it is because a lesbian Barbie is coming!

Indeed, Mattel will offer a model of Barbie bearing the image of the openly lesbian soccer player Abby Wambach. With her great haircut, this Barbie will surely be the coolest one.

Kim Culmone, vice president of Barbie Global, recently unveiled this new Barbie and said she was sure she would “inspire young girls to be as incredible as the woman who has inspired us all.”

Abby Wambach said: "This is a really impactful statement…it just proves that we really are getting somewhere. Not everyone is created equal and if you’re out there, and if maybe your doll doesn’t look exactly like you feel, here’s another option. And, you know, I’m actually going to have to go on a run because she looks a little svelte."

Find out in the video below the reaction of Abby Wambach when she discovered her barbie:

One would almost want to return to childhood just to have one like that.




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