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VLOG: 'Lesbians Explain - Sleeping With Men'


lesbians sex men


One of the huge stigmas in the LGBT community, are lesbians who secretly sleep with men.

Can they still be lesbians if they don't fully fit the definition? Why do they sleep with men if they identify this way? You have to watch to find out!

I hope you enjoy!

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  • Guest (Lisa Hughes)

    This conversation shouldn't even be happening. A lesbian, by definition, is a woman who has sexual relationships EXCLUSIVELY with other women. If you have sex with men, even though you say you have no emotional connection to them, you are NOT a lesbian, You are bi-sexual.

    from London, UK
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  • I agree with Lisa even if being lesbian is not only sex but if you have pleasure sleeping with men, and women, you're bisexual.

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