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What Charms You Most?

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Dear Sappho,

Regarding the infinite and varied charms of the women you have loved, what charms you Most?



Dear Curious,
For me the heart and charm of beauty emanates from wit, intelligence, consciousness, ethical actions, and emotional maturity. But of all the charms and gifts that have been showered upon me, I prefer kindness as the best attribute of all. Kind women are just sexier. To me.


Charity is kindness in action, as is forgiveness, helpfulness and good will. It is helpful, trusting, nurturing, patient, healing, and understanding. Being good natured is a form of kindness. Kindness is the key to heaven and the essence of love. I can't live without it, nor will I have to. The more I give the more I get. Do they teach that in charm school?

Sincerely Yours,

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