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VLOG: 'Lesbians Explain - Sleeping With Men'

lesbians sex men


One of the huge stigmas in the LGBT community, are lesbians who secretly sleep with men.

Amnesty International's Report On Homophobia And Transphobia In Europe

 amnesty international


A report on homophobia and transphobia in European Union, "Because of who I am: Homophobia, Transphobia and Hate Crime in Europe", has just been released by Amnesty International.

Jasmine Jordan Came Out!



Jasmine Jordan, the daughter of former basketball star Michael Jordan, came out on Instagram by posting a picture of her with her girlfriend.

Study: Housing Discrimination Against Same-Sex Couples

 housing discrimination


We know that we can be discriminated when we want to rent a house and for the first time, HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) conducted a study which confirms that.

Study: Woman-To-Woman Sexual Assault

 online survey


Rebecca launched an online survey on woman-to-woman sexual assault which is the first phase of a PhD study.

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