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Bitch (Beach) Releases A New Album 'In Us We Trust'


 Bitch CREDIT-BilliE-Jo-Cavallaro




Bitch is an artist creating a very original music with an unusual instrumentation, between tones of electric violin, bass, ukulele and keytar. This week, Bitch (now Beach) releases a third album 'In Us We Trust'.


Bitch toured in all United States and Europe with Ani DiFranco and released two albums on the DiFranco's label, Righteous Babe Records.


Now, the singer, born Karen Mould, releases a new album 'In Us We Trust' on her own label, Short Story Records, founded in 2008, and on the name of Beach that the singer describes as indie-electro rock fronted by her electric violin.


Visit Bitch' website: Bitchmusic.com or listen to and order her new album here: Bitch - In Us We Trust


What do you think about it? I have a weakness for the second song 'Love Was A River'.

PHOTO CREDIT: BilliE-Jo-Cavallaro

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