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Listen Kerchief's New Song "Jack London" From Her Debut Solo LP "Machines And Animals"

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From Ohio and living in Tennessee, the singer and songwriter Brittany Hill, ex-member of the all-female indie/alternative rock band Vanity Theft, starts a solo career with a debut album under the name Kerchief.

kerchief machines and animals

After touring with bands like Hunter Valentine and Sick Of Sarah, Brittany releases "Machines and Animals", her debut solo album in last July, which is extracted "Jack London" that you can listen and watch below.

"This debut solo album is a chance to connect with all those working so hard to make ends meet and make sense of life, and to remind them to cherish the moment," she said. "One day you'll look back and remember what it was like to want to work so hard for something you believed in, and you'll wish you were back there - facing the unknown, but doing your best."

"Machines and Animals", produced in collaboration with Matty Amendola, includes 10 songs, all influenced from '90s alternative rock and mixing Brittany's smooth voice with guitar riffs you will enjoy.

"It’s a rare quality to find an artist who’s a real straight shooter and puts so much of her soul into her lyrics, while keeping everything simple and relatable.  You feel like Kerchief is singing about your life or your own deep thoughts. She’s a master of that side of the craft," Amendola said.

Now signed by the label 825 Records825 Records, Brittany Hill has not finished to be talking about her and her talent for our enjoyment.

Here is the video of "Jack London":

      The album and all her tour dates are available on Kerchief's official websiteKerchief's official website or Bandcamp. Follow her on Twitter ( or Facebook (



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