DJ Bia Bia Announces January 2013 Release Of First EP 'Idiot Savant'
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DJ Bia Bia Announces January 2013 Release Of First EP 'Idiot Savant'


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Bianca, aka Bia Bia, is a DJ who livened up a lot of parties in South Florida clubs before coming to settle in Los Angeles where, besides working in clubs, she also launched a film production company Eternal Production LLC. On January 1st, DJ Bia Bia will release her first EP "Idiot Savant".


After having made a lot of people dance in American but also in London and Italian clubs, she recently throw out a challenge to her: to release a first EP to also make you dance.

"Idiot Savant" will be available on Beatport on January 1st, 2013 under Crystal Castles' producer/remixer Alex Zelenka's label Invisibles and will make us discover Bia Bia's world interweaved with electro/house/dub/tech mixing.

Listen a first teaser 'Contravento':

Learn more about DJ Bia Bia with our interview: Lezbelib Interview With DJ Bia Bia

For more informations, see:

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Hey! If you have time, check this band out.
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Truly brilliant! What a girl!
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Dear Lezbelib, I love your website and I always enjoy your book reviews. ...
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I live in Michigan and i can contribute to this by saying that i wholeheart...
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